In 1990, RD UK looked at the German success with the “Klassische Kostbarkeiten” series of classical releases. The collections were 3CD sets and issued at regular intervals to subscribing customers, each set featuring a leading classical composer. After the inevitable elongated period of market research, the British RD decided to release their own “Favourites From The Classics” series, which was to run for 25 editions. Taking a softer approach to their German counterparts, they lost the image of the composer and the harsh classical look that the Germans had used, and went with a simple silk background underneath a bold composer name check. The colour of the silk changed with each edition. Johann Strauss was the most popular composer to UK markets in research, and so it was this that was to launch the first of several series in the UK.

3CD Set
Released 1991
Cat No.: RDCD221-3 (RDC91901-3)
RD Code: JOH 001

1   Golden Waltzes That Will Live Forever
1                Blue Danube                                         Vienna State Opera Orchestra
2                Voices of Spring                                   Vienna State Opera Orchestra
3                Vienna Bonbons                                    Vienna State Opera Orchestra
4                Wine, Women and Song                        Vienna State Opera Orchestra
5                Roses From The South                          Vienna Symphony Orchestra
6                Tales From The Vienna Woods               Vienna State Opera Orchestra
7                Emperor Waltz                                       Vienna State Opera Orchestra

2   Sparkling Favourites
1                Overture To 'The Gypsy Baron'               Vienna State Opera Orchestra
2                Tritsch-Tratsch Polka                             National Philharmonic Orchestra
3                Excursion Train Polka                            Vienna Symphony Orchestra
4                Persian March                                       National Philharmonic Orchestra
5                Perpetual Motion                                   Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
6                Pizzicato Polka                                      Beecham Promenade Orchestra
7                Annen Polka                                          Vienna Symphony Orchestra
8                Champagne Polka                                 Vienna Symphony Orchestra
9                Czardas from 'Die Fledermaus'               Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
10              Egyptian March                                     National Philharmonic Orchestra
11              New Pizzicato Polka                              Vienna State Opera Orchestra
12              Leichtes Blut Polka                                National Philharmonic Orchestra
13              Thunder And Lightning Polka                  New Symphony Orchestra Of London
14              Die Fledermaus - Overture                      New Symphony Orchestra Of London
15              - Oh, For The Life Of An Actress           
16              - Stone Walls                      
17              - What Ev'ry Woman Wants To Know     
18              - For Amusement At A Ball  
19              - Laughing Song: First Impressions       
                    Most Successful Host       
20              - Health And Happiness       

3   Memories In Waltz-Time
1                Artist's Life                                            New Symphony Orchestra Of London
2                Where The Citrons Bloom                       Vienna Symphony Orchestra
3                A Thousand And One Nights                  Vienna Symphony Orchestra
4                Acceleration Waltz                                 Vienna State Opera Orchestra
5                Kiss Waltz                                             Vienna Symphony Orchestra
6                Morning Papers                                     Vienna Symphony Orchestra
7                Love Song Waltzes                                Vienna Symphony Orchestra
8                Lagoon Waltz From 'A Night In Venice'   Vienna Symphony Orchestra
9                Vienna Blood                                        Vienna Symphony Orchestra

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