Eric Robinson's World Of Music

10LP Set / 6 Cassette Set
Released 1971
Cat No.: RDS6681-90 (RDES2361-80) RDC90988-93
RD Code: CWM 109 (GCWM/10 on box)

All conductors with The National Philharmonic Orchestra

LP1            Merrie England

1Pomp And Circumstance March No. 1 In DEric Robinson (Elgar)
2Elizabethan SerenadeCharles Gerhardt (Binge)
3Chanson Du MatinCharles Gerhardt (Elgar)
4Nimrod From 'Enigma Variations'Charles Gerhardt (Elgar)
5Knightsbridge March From 'London Suite'Eric Robinson (Coates)
6Overture: 'The Yeomen Of The Guard'Douglas Gamley (Sullivan)
7Scottish Dance No. 1Charles Gerhardt (Arnold)
8March: Folk Songs From SomersetDouglas Gamley (Williams)
9Trumpet VoluntaryDouglas Gamley (Clarke/Arr. Gamley)
10Dambusters: MarchEric Robinson (Coates)

LP 2           Austria - Land Of Music And Laughter

1Tritsch Tratsch PolkaEric Robinson (J Strauss Jr)
2Radetzky MarchDouglas Gamley (J Strauss Snr)
3Overture: 'The Marraige Of Figaro'Douglas Gamley (Mozart)
4Entr'Acte From 'Rosamunde'Douglas Gamley (Schubert)
5Danube WavesCharles Gerhardt (Ivanovici)
6Overture: 'The Magic Flute'Charles Gerhardt (Mozart)
7Trumpet Concerto: Third MovementDouglas Gamley (Haydn)
8Marche MilitaireCharles Gerhardt (Schubert)
9Overture: 'Queen Of Spades'Douglas Gamley (Suppé)

LP 3           Italian Serenade

1Prelude To Act I 'La Traviata'Charles Gerhardt (Verdi)
2MinuetCharles Gerhardt (Boccherini)
3Dance Of The Water Nymphs From 'Lorelei'Charles Gerhardt (Catalani)
4Ballet Music From 'Aida'Charles Gerhardt (Verdi)
5Winter From 'The Seasons'Douglas Gamley (Vivaldi)
6Intermezzo From 'I Pagliacci'Eric Robinson (Leoncavallo)
7Overture: 'Sicilian Vespers'Douglas Gamley (Verdi)

LP 4           Germany - Land Of Mystery And Melody

1Largo From 'Xerxes'Eric Robinson (Handel)
2Turkish March From 'The Ruins Of Athens'Charles Gerhardt (Beethoven)
3Dreaming(Traumerei)–Charles Gerhardt (Schumann)
4Egmont OvertureDouglas Gamley (Beethoven)
5Overture: 'The Huntsman' –Charles Gerhardt (Weber)
6Scherzo From 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'Charles Gerhardt (Mendelssohn)
7Nocture From 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'Charles Gerhardt (Mendelssohn)
8Wedding March From 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'Charles Gerhardt (Mendelssohn)

LP 5           The Magic And Gaiety Of France

1Overture: 'Orpheus In The Underworld'Charles Gerhardt (Offenbach)
2Faust Waltz From 'Faust'Eric Robinson (Gounod)
3Grand March From 'The Queen Of Sheba'Douglas Gamley (Gounod)
4Pomone WaltzEric Robinson (Waldteufel)
5Farandole From 'L'Arlesienne Suite'Charles Gerhardt (Bizet)
6Overture: 'The Bronze Horse'Douglas Gamley (Auber)
7March, Berceuse And Galop From 'Jeux D'Enfants'Douglas Gamley (Bizet)
8Overture: 'Le Roi D'Ys'Charles Gerhardt (Lalo)

LP 6           Hungarian Rhapsody

1Hora StaccatoDouglas Gamley (Dinicu / Heifetz)
2CzardasCharles Gerhardt (Monti)
3Hungarian Dance No. 5Eric Robinson (Brahms)
4Hungarian Dance No. 6Eric Robinson (Brahms)
5Slavonic RhapsodyDouglas Gamley (Friedemann)
6Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2Douglas Gamley (Liszt)
7Intermezzo From 'Hary Janos'Douglas Gamley (Kodaly)
8Mephisto WaltzCharles Gerhardt (Liszt)

LP 7           Rustle Of Spring - A Scandanavian Rhapsody

1Prelude And Rigaudon From 'Holberg Suite'Douglas Gamley (Grieg)
2Valse TristeDouglas Gamley (Sibelius)
3Rustle Of SpringDouglas Gamley (Sinding)
4The Herd Girl's Sunday RomanceCharles Gerhardt (Bull)
5Alla Marcia From 'Karelia Suite'Douglas Gamley (Sibelius)
6Swedish RhapsodyCharles Gerhardt (Alfven)
7Norwegian Rustic MarchCharles Gerhardt (Grieg)
8Valdres MarchEric Robinson (Hanssen)

LP 8           The Romantic Music Of Russia

1Russlan And Ludmilla OvertureDouglas Gamley (Glinka)
2Waltz From 'Serenade For Strings'Charles Gerhardt (Tchaikovsky)
3Polovtsian Dances From 'Prince Igor'Charles Gerhardt (Borodin / Rimsky / Korsakov / Glazounov)
4Gopak From Act III 'Sorotchinsky Fair'Eric Robinson (Mussorgsky)
5Cossack Dance From 'Mazeppa'Douglas Gamley (Tchaikovsky)
61812 OvertureCharles Gerhardt with Douglas Gamley (Tchaikovsky)

LP 9           Bolero! A Spanish Serenade

1Espana WaltzEric Robinson (Waldteufel)
2Gypsy Airs(Zigeunerweisen)–Douglas Gamley (Sarasate)
3BoleroCharles Gerhardt (Ravel)
4Andalucia From 'Spanish Dances'Douglas Gamley (Granados)
5HabaneraDouglas Gamley (Chabrier)
6ZapateadoCharles Gerhardt (Sarasate)
7The Maiden And The NightingaleDouglas Gamley (Granados)
8Symphonie Espagnole: RondoDouglas Gamley (Lalo)

LP 10        From Bohemia's Fields And Forests

1Slavonic Dance In C, Op. 72 No. 7Douglas Gamley (Dvorak)
2Slavonic Dance In E Minor, Op. 72 No. 2Douglas Gamley (Dvorak)
3Slavonic Dance In G Minor, Op. 46 No. 8Douglas Gamley (Dvorak)
4Adagietto From Symphony No. 5Charles Gerhardt (Mahler)
5The Moldau From 'Má Vlast'(My Homeland)–Charles Gerhardt (Smetana)
6HumoresqueEric Robinson (Dvorak)
7Polka From 'The Bartered Bride'Douglas Gamley (Smetana)
8Furiant From 'The Bartered Bride'Douglas Gamley (Smetana)
9Dance Of The Comedians From 'The Bartered Bride'Douglas Gamley (Smetana)

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