First issue in the “Timeless Favourites” series, which was to run for 13 editions.

3CD Set
Released 1994
Cat No.: RDCD811-3 (RDC92471-3)
RD Code: WEB 001
Series Code 58

Someone told me many years ago that if you design a camel by committee, you will end up with a three-humped camel. There are many reasons to have a camel with one or two humps, but a committee would come to the conclusion that three humps would be even better, even though it would look ridiculous. The point of this story is that this pack became known as the "Three-humper" in the Digest office for precisely that reason. When the idea of a series of collections based around the great composers was put forward, it was a basically 'sound' concept. Obviously, after the normal RD research, it was discovered that Andrew Lloyd Webber was the most popular of the composers, being known to a wider range of age group. Problem Number 1: All Lloyd Webber collections have to be approved by ALW himself, therefore the title was fixed, and unlike the rest of the series, no prominance was given to a particular track. Problem Number 2: How do you convey a composer in a cover design, without mentioning the tracks that they are famous for composing? The rather bland top cover design was conceived, and agreed for the test, and the first three in the series were tested to a very positive response. Then someone decided that this wasn't good enough, and that (as ALW was connected with the collection) they should have their input. They disliked the shade of blue and decided it needed 'life'. So the image changed to a 'more realistic' image of stars. Another member of management got involved, and insisted that a sheet of music could be added to represent a composer. Another insisted that a treble clef could be added, to make it even more 'musicy'??? A change to the 'boring' logo and voilà - the worst cover design in Digest history, a true 'Three-humper'. Thankfully, management showed less interest in the design for the rest of the series.


1 - Any Dream Will Do - Michael Crawford
2 - I Don't Know How To Love Him - Petula Clark
3 - Oh What A Circus - Jess Conrad
4 - Take That Look Off Your Face - Rebecca Storm
5 - One More Angel In Heaven - Paul Nicholas
6 - Old Deuteronomy - Dennis Quilley
7 - Phantom Of The Opera - Michael Crawford
8 - Don't Cry For Me Argentina - Barbara Dickson
9 - Mr. Mistoffelees - Paul Jones
10 - High Flying Adored - Dave Willetts
11 - Everything's Alright - Paul Jones and Fiona Hendly
12 - Gethsemane - Michael Crawford
13 - Rolling Stock - Paul Jones
14 - Last Man In My Life - Shirley Bassey
15 - Close Every Door - Dave Willetts
16 - Pie Jesu - Judith Lovat and Richard Townhill


17 - Memory - Shirley Bassey
18 - Another Suitcase In Another Hall - Barbara Dickson
19 - Music Of The Night - Michael Crawford
20 - Love Changes Everything - Roger Whittaker
21 - Tell Me On A Sunday - Carl Wayne
22 - With One Look - Shirley Bassey
23 - Nothing Like You've Ever Known - Michael Crawford
24 - There Is More To Love - Stephanie Lawrence
25 - Unexpected Song - Paul Jones
26 - Anything But Lonely - Stephanie Lawrence
27 - All I Ask Of You - Michael Crawford
28 - Half A Moment - Carl Wayne
29 - Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again - Shirley Bassey
30 - Think Of Me - Stephanie Lawrence
31 - Only You - Michael Crawford
32 - As If We Never Said Goodbye / Memory (Re - Shirley Bassey


33 - Superstar - Carl Wayne
34 - Jacob And Sons/Joseph's Coat - Paul Jones And the Mike Sammes Singers
35 - Introduction, Theme And Variations 1 to 4 - Rafael Wallfisch
36 - Chanson D'Enfance - Shirley Bassey
37 - First Man You Remember - Stephanie Lawrence and Dave Willetts
38 - Pumping Iron - Paul Jones
39 - Next Time We Fall In Love - Stephanie Lawrence
40 - Those Canaan Days - Paul Jones and the Mike Sammes Singers
41 - Macavity - Shirley Bassey
42 - And The Money Keeps Rolling In - Michael Crawford
43 - Rum Tum Tugger - Cantabile
44 - Starlight Express - Paul Nicholas and Paul Jones
45 - Gus, The Theatre Cat - Paul Jones
46 - Journey Of A Lifetime - Dave Willetts
47 - King Herod's Song - Paul Nicholas
48 - Benjamin Calypso / Joseph All The Time - Paul Jones And the Mike Sammes Singers
49 - On This Night Of A Thousand Stars - Carl Wayne
50 - Hosanna - Jess Conrad

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